"Alicia was very knowledgeable and attentive to my needs." - Kelly W.

"Alicia was great!!" - Krystal H.

"Alicia Ford was a very knowledgeable, accessible, and professional agent. She kept me inform and was very positive about my ability to sell my home at my first meeting with her. She was a good agent, and I would recommend her highly. I chose Mrs. Ford because she consistently sent mailings to our neighborhood. I kept them and decided upon her because of her persistent attitude. Thank you, Alicia Ford. God Bless." - Cheryl S.

"Alicia Ford made this process such an amzing experience. Thank you Ms. Ford for your guidance and support" - Chris & Brenda Stevenson

"Amazing! We were ready to walk away but Alicia eased our minds and asked us to just trust her because she was working on a solution and she DID! Above and beyond customer service. Thank You!" -Angelique and Vincent Ransom